Midpharma participation in the Fifteenth International Pharmaceutical conference

The Middle East Company for Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances (Midpharma) participated in the Fifteenth International Pharmaceutical conference Held under the title "Trends and recent developments in Pharmacology and which continued its activities for a period of three days (9-11) October.

Midpharma provided financial support for the success of the conference and has hosted a number of participants in a visit to the plant to update them on recent developments in the world of pharmaceutical industry. The guests expressed their admiration about the techniques and modern technological devices used in production.

They also had an active role in the industries and pharmaceutical supplies exhibition which was held within the events of the conference, along with a number of Jordanian pharmaceutical companies.

At the conclusion of the conference, Mr. Mazen Tantash president of the Jordanian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Held a dinner banquet Attended by Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and faculty members in the College of Pharmacy as well as a number of teaching staff.